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With the scourge of addiction spreading rapidly in South Africa, Addiction Recovery Pretoria seeks to provide an affordable and effective alternative to the high cost and sometimes impracticality of full time inpatient rehabilitation.

Any addiction left untreated is progressive and often fatal BUT can be managed. Through the abstinence of the substance or input of choice (whether it be drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gaming addiction, internet addiction, social media or gambling addiction) and a change in lifestyle choices, counselling, correct support and accountability the recovering addict CAN maintain sobriety and live a happy, healthy and hope filled life.

Digital Addiction is very real and is creating widespread addiction especially amongst the youth. Do not ignore this as merely a change in culture. The chemical and biological process in digital addiction are exactly the same as traditional drug addiction.

Both the Outpatient and Maintenance programs are facilitated by Timothy King who has 13 years in the addiction fields and who has helped many recovering addicts find sobriety. Timothy is a Registered Counsellor, New Insights certified VIP Life Coach, Board of Addiction Professionals recognised Addiction Counsellor and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counselling.

"Outpatient programs are available in Garsfontein, Pretoria East”.

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