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Jean-Marie Olwage - Psychological Counsellor:

I am a registered psychological counsellor and case manager. I have known Timothy King, in a professional capacity, for almost two years where we worked alongside one another at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. Timothy, a highly valued member of the team, always performs his duties on time, to an excellent standard and his personal integrity is beyond question.

Timothy is organized, efficient, extremely competent and hard-working. He is highly dependable and he has the ability to accurately assess problem areas. He has the ability to work independently but he also functions very well as part of a team. Timothy demonstrates excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. His passion and enthusiasm for wanting to assist others in making a positive change shines through. He is keen to ensure that his knowledge pertaining to life coaching is constantly evolving. Timothy displays the rare quality of practicing what he preaches in his own life.

I would confidently recommend him as he possesses characteristics and skills which make him ideally suited for his role as a certified life coach.

Joane - Recovering addict:

Hi Tim

What I get out of our continued recovery coaching sessions…..?

I want to make it visual – I see things in pictures – it’s easier for me that way. I am a mountaineer, inexperienced. I can choose to make use of a partner – a buddy and equipment, ropes, hooks. Or I can do it on my own. Chances of making it on my own is very slim. My buddy is there to give me guidance, he see things from a different perspective because he is at a different height and level than me, and he is there for emotional support. I see my accountability/sessions as my mountaineering buddy, my climbing equipment, and my ropes in life.

It gives me perspectives that I do not think about. It gives me stability. I am a recovering addict, and I used to make ridiculous decisions. I need a sound board to make sure I keep heading in the right direction. An accountability structure give me that opportunity. What I enjoy about the sessions it is practical as well. Being an addict took away my self- confidence, but it did not take away my dreams. The sessions help me to set goals and to put practical steps in place to achieve my goals which brings fulfilment. And I am being challenged as well. I am being forced to look at myself honestly and over and beyond what is comfortable. I keep growing, I keep learning.

The sessions is also a place where I get a refreshing view on God and where I can talk about life and being a person living in the world and loving God. Just being real with one another.

It is precious to me.
Kind regards

Lea Pearson (Clinical Psychologist) for Jarryd - Recovering addict:

"I was introduced to Timothy King at Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre where he was consulting as a drug counsellor for the in-patients struggling with addiction problems. I worked with him as an external consulting clinical psychologist for some of the patients at that time. Further involvement with Timothy King included the admission of my son into the facility for drug and alcohol abuse in April last year. Timothy King was his primary counsellor during his treatment process, both on an individual level, and as a facilitator of group processes.

Timothy King demonstrated professionalism and commitment towards those whom he counselled. My son’s respect for Timothy King was evident, as he began to model himself on the courageous example that was being set on many different levels. On my son’s leaving the facility, Timothy King remained his primary accountability mentor and counsellor. There was always an overt and honest sense of care, encouragement and interest towards that which was in my son’s best interests and future emotional well-being as a recovering addict. Timothy King has an extensive theoretical knowledge and experiential understanding of the implementation of a relapse prevention program, and continued maintenance of this process.

My son’s spiritual growth has also been encouraged and supported by Timothy King at all times, as an integral aspect of my son’s continuing journey of recovery. Timothy King has shown dependability and integrity in various roles and continues to stay involved and connected to my son who has now been sober and clean for over a year.

I would highly recommend Timothy King as a counsellor and life coach. In my experience as a clinical psychologist and as a mother, he stands firm in his beliefs, working with compassion and ethical responsibility; making invaluable differences in the lives of those whom he touches".

Guillaume Walters du Plooy – Clinical Psychologist:

I have known Timothy since November 2013, whereby he served as a life coach, counsellor and operations manager at Ezekiel House, Pretoria. In this period, we have served together on the management team of this facility.

Ezekiel House caters for individuals with severe substance addiction.

The treatment program is a long-term holistic approach encompassing cognitive-, behavioural-, emotional-, and spiritual recovery from addiction and other life difficulties.

In the professional sphere, I have come to know as a hard- working and committed individual. His work-ethic is sound, and he is able to function within a multi-disciplinary team. His knowledge on life coaching and counselling is of such that he has successfully helped others reach good insight about their problems, as well as being able to initiate and maintain solid principles of management in their personal lives.

Upon his personal character, I can comment that I experience Timothy as a transparent individual. He is honest in his words and deeds, and seeks to uplift society in his efforts as a life coach. He has strong beliefs about helping those around him, and thus has the potential to make a positive contribution within others.

It is with the above mentioned comments that I can recommend Timothy to anybody who considers engaging with him on a professional level. His motivation for results, strong personal drive, and integrity in his character makes him contribution to any endeavour.

Annelise van Niekerk - Financial Manager:

Everybody who is anybody now days can become a “Life Coach”, but a true “Life Coach” has that extra something about them and there is one person that comes to mind immediately, and it's Timothy King. When it was first suggested to me that I go see a life coach I was rather apprehensive. What could a life coach do that a psychologist couldn’t? With a lot of hesitation and scepticism, I took up the suggestion, made the phone call and went to my first session. Needless to say a year later I am writing this testimonial as I head into my last session of coaching.

During my year with Tim, I have found him to be wise beyond his years. A real no nonsense, straightforward, and kind hearted person. The wisdom, knowledge and vast insight he has regarding life and all of its struggles from family issues to addiction, from insecurities and emotional turmoil, to faith or lack thereof – whichever place you find yourself in – he will be able to guide you through it all, step by step. No matter how stubborn a person you are. And believe me when I say I am probably one of the most stubborn people Tim has ever met – yet he was patient, understanding and firm when needed. And I survived through it all to tell the story. With Tim guiding you through the process you will come out the other side a recovering, stronger and a more contented you.

The weekly sessions were filled with all kinds of discussion points and emotions, from sad to anger, happy and laughter to shame and embarrassment. Tim was throughout it all professional and sympathetic, caring and genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. His passion for his work radiates through his words, guidance, advice and teachings. And I can truly say that I will carry his wise words with me into forever, even the words spoken that I didn’t agree with, those too I will carry with me.

If ever you find yourself or someone you love heading for rock bottom, or battling to stay afloat, I would recommend Tim without thinking twice about it. He changed my life for the better, and as I always say “Happiness is”!!


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Ruan Van Wyk
Ruan Van Wyk
09:50 30 Nov 22
My journey with Timothy was an amazing time. He really helped me a lot to navigate through this sometimes very... difficult life. He also helped me to see the real me and to build a well balanced life around that. Much love to him and to whoever is going to take the step to totally change their life.read more
Brendan Erasmus
Brendan Erasmus
09:09 03 Nov 22
I can highly recommend that anyone that is struggling with addiction and the negative effects that it has on an ... individuals life to most certainly make use of Timothy Kings services. From 1st meeting him he made me feel comfortable by sharing some of his personal experiences with addiction and how he has managed to turn his life around. This set the course for me to be able to feel comfortable opening up to him and openly discuss my addiction, past mistakes and decisions. He listened with empathy, guided me on a new thought and behaviour pattern what would ultimately change my life for the better, forever. Thank you Tim, for your professional, cool, calm and collected approach to coaching me and other addicts. Keep up the good work and may God Bless You for what you are contributing towards a happier and healthier society.read more
Kobus Steyn
Kobus Steyn
08:19 20 Sep 22
Many thanks Tim for being there and beingmy soundboard.Our sessions really helped me to put things in... perspective."Let that what we VALUE, guide the beacon of our CHOICE'S."All the best to you, your family and the people your counseling.ijsread more
Kobus Vermeulen
Kobus Vermeulen
18:04 23 Jun 22
I truly wish that there are more people like Timothy. He made overcoming my addiction such an effortless experience and... for this I am really grateful. With his guidance I managed to not only reset my life but also realigned my focus back to where it should be, on my family and my religion.read more
Costa Onanov
Costa Onanov
14:17 31 May 22
True professional. Thank you Timothy for helping me understand the important things in life
Christiaan Van der westhuizen
Christiaan Van der westhuizen
06:41 26 Apr 22
Timothy is an excellent choice! He really gets down to the root cause of the issues, and is there every step of the... way! I would definitely recommend him to anyone.read more
Antony Lunkwitz
Antony Lunkwitz
14:02 25 Jan 22
Timothy has been a pivotal component in my life over the last 11 months. I was really struggling on all levels and on... top of that held down even further with addiction . He has helped me to see past the stories in my head, opened me to see all the possibilities that lay before me, guided me on taking action, and a man that’s kept me accountable. All done in a safe, respectable, understanding, and supportive manner allowing me to find solid ground over time. If your stuck, uncertain and suffering in anyway Go see him! He will guide you to finding meaning again. Thanks Timread more
Timothy King
Timothy King
06:43 30 Nov 21
ON BEHALF OF THIANA AUGUSTYN - Hello Tim.Hope you are well? I truly feel the need to let you know how bloody well Marc... is doing in his new school here in Abu Dhabi.You will not recognise him!He received an 90% average for this school term. And considering what he has been through this year, that is fantastic. He does not turn to food as an escape, he has his tv back in his room, but he has not switched it one once. He has full access to his phone, but he set himself such a routine that I can honestly not recall seeing him on his phone playing any sort of games. He has changed so much, lost so much weight, is doing phenomenal in karate, got his brown belt. He is exceeding in school sport, constantly getting man of the match. He is now the one helping other students with their school work...imagine that?Never in a million years, if u told me this last year, would I have believed anyone! We couldn't be more proud of him.But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still believe that if it was not for your help, we would not have been here.I hope that maybe you could use this as feedback for your highly underrated business.Take careThianaread more
Adrian Gilau
Adrian Gilau
19:02 02 Nov 21
Excellent insight. Helped me overcome my gaming addiction and depression. Highly recommend for those wanting to get... back on track.read more
Ian Jansen van Rensburg
Ian Jansen van Rensburg
16:37 26 Oct 21
Timothy King really knows how addiction works and because of that he helps you figure out exactly how to deconstruct... your addiction and life a better life. My life has changed exponentially because of him. I still use his teachings in my everyday liferead more
Zee Care 4 Skills
Zee Care 4 Skills
11:44 09 Mar 21
HiAt first it is very daunting to see someone and just lay out all of your personal things. Such as relationships,... addiction issues, triggers, family issues and so forth.As you start building a relationship, you find out very quickly that Timothy is for you all the way.For me has interjected with my family on many occasions and was able to get all to come to an agreement and rather start working together. Remember this is a huge adjustment for your family as well.He has the ability to see things from many different points of view and help you see your way out too.If you need help, I would certainly recommend Timothy as your counselor, advisor and friend.Kind RegardsZhaune Bouldread more
Donze Blom
Donze Blom
11:01 24 Feb 21
Thank you Timothy for guiding me and helping me through this process. I love that it's a relationship rather than a... session.You're more than just a counselor or a life coach. You're a friend. I appreciate you Timothy.read more
Thato Mukwevho
Thato Mukwevho
11:43 20 Jul 20
Hey, My name is Thato.I just wanted to Timothy King, for rescuing my life and helping me with my addiction. I'm... almost a year clean now.Timothy you've helped me through my ups and downs, and for all that I'm forever grateful.May God Bless you.read more
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