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Louw De Beer

Addiction Interventions & Transport

After 23 years of opioid, alcohol, gaming & pornography addiction I embarked on a journey of healing and recovery that started back in 2003. I have mentored, assisted and supported male & female addicts in changing their lives for more than 16 years. Addiction interventions are traumatic and difficult, both on the person who is struggling with addiction as well as the members of their family.

I have personally assisted innumerable families in a wide-range of matters when it comes to addiction interventions. From the initial interview and counselling with the client and their family, finding a suitable and cost-effective treatment facility for placement, to the actual pickup of the client and logistical arrangements from home to the facility. In order to minimize the emotional tension for the family, I facilitate on-site de-escalations, emotive pacification and mediation.

Every aspect of the process is handled with care and dignity to ensure the safe transport of the client to the treatment facility. Families are notified of departure arrangements, travel plans, stop overs, and arrival times. The same service is available to families of clients who have completed their treatment, and want to return home.

I am a para-professional counselor [ACC-SA], religious professional in Christian pastoral counselling [ACRP & CPSC], Board of Addiction Professionals recognised Addiction Counsellor [BAPSA] and I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Counselling.

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